The Three Designs to Look for when Seeking Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas are a must-have item for minimalist households. They create a sleeping room out of thin air while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of a simple room design. They serve several purposes depending on the intention of a household. However, picking one that is good for you can be a problem when you do not know what to check. Many customers complain that they seem not to find the right Sleeper sofas. If you are one of the many who is having a hard time finding the right one, here are shortlisted best sleeper sofas you could try to see if they are your match. On a side note, one can visit for sleeping improvement.


The puzzle wood sofa bed

It is a simple structure that comes with a great wooden finish ensuring that it contrasts well with tiled surfaces. It also comes with pleasant looking cloth choices that serve the interest of interior decor enthusiasts. The puzzle wood design is simple in that the sofa only has the sitting area as well as the back support. It opens like a book to form a bed, and it can quickly get back to the sofa position when you lift it. The simplicity makes it a great addition to any room. Moreover, the small form factors make it easy to transport in a pickup truck. The best thing about the simple fold sofa bed is that the cushion for seating is the same as the one for sleeping.

The stretch out sofa bed

SOFAMany bed varieties doubling as sofas use the stretch out design to presenting a great looking sofa that becomes a bed looking furniture at night. The sofa seats three people comfortably as it measures about 70 inches wide on the inside then 80 to 90 inches wide on the outside. It is 25 inches deep on the inside then 36 inches deep on the outside. The sitting area folds to form the sofa then unfolds to form the bed. When opened, the bed stretches about 90 inches from head to toe. Therefore, if you fit comfortably on a three-sitter sofa, you can conveniently sleep in the stretch out sofa. A disadvantage of the stretch-out design is the thin mattress that you end up with after unfolding the sitting cushion.

The full-futon option

Full futons have a traditional look that gives a cozy appeal to a room. They come with a streamlined silhouette design. They have button tufting, and they use wooden legs. The side is similar to the stretch-out design except that the full futon does not have armrests. The design of the fabric is the primary differentiating factor between the full futon as well as the puzzle wood sofa bed. Minor differentiating details may include the folding location as well as the pattern of the furniture.


The best sleeper sofas are not that hard to find. You only need to know the size of the space, the outlook of the room, and the price you are willing to pay. A reliable furniture dealer will offer you a great variety. Looking at online catalogs might ease your search.

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