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How To Launch A New Product


Imagine the scenario you have spent a lot of time creating a new product and getting it just right. You have listened to your customers, and have produced something which you think is just right for them. So what now? If you want to increase your sales and profit, then consider having a product launch. Product Launch Formula bonus can give you more insight. A launch is when you publicize your product in advance of it being available to buy.

Lots of big companies use this approach, which causes a buzz to potential clients. The principle does not just apply to companies. There are plenty of examples of online businesses in different niche markets having successful launches of products. And many have regular re-launches as well which bring in extra sales. So if you have not adopted this approach before here are some tips that will help you maximize the impact of your launch.

Launching A New Product

Plan Aheadsales related words

Look at your calendar and decide on a date when you will be releasing your product. You can consider linking it to a relevant date for your niche industry for example if you are selling an e-book on ‘How to improve your Golf Swing’ you could choose a date during The Open week in the summer or during The August Masters in April.

Decide The Length Of The Build-Up

Once you have your date, you then need to decide on the length of the build up. This can vary considerably; some take months while others cover a few days. There are no set rules, decide what works best for you.

Produce Quality Content

Produce content that will generate interest and a ‘buzz’ in your niche. Get people talking about the launch. Flag it in your emails or newsletters, put information on your social media sites, upload videos to YouTube, post information on discussion forums. The more publicity you can create the better.

Make Sure Your Content Is Interesting

Your content should raise the curiosity of your potential customers. You should give some information away but remember it is your product that will give all the answers. So, using the Golf example, you could say “Did you know that there are three common mistakes that Golf beginners make when they are starting to play? By following simple instructions, you can overcome each of these errors and see a dramatic improvement in your game”. You then provide the instructions for your product.

Presses And Case Studies

Write press releases and case studies. People love case studies, and these will give you a valuable social proof for your product.

Write Articles

Use article directories like to build buzz for your product launch. Get yourself noticed online.

Advertise On Major Networks

You can use Google Adwords oDigital Marketing r buy advertising on popular blogs. The key is getting an effective headline for your ad that grabs attention. Remember that you can split test ads to see which one works the best and tweak it during your product launch. Persevere until you find the right headline that pulls customers to your website.

The aim of your launch is to create awareness about your product and to make people eager to get their hands on it. You will know that you have been successful when people start to ask you when it will be available! That is when the satisfaction can kick in.…