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Your Paintball Mask Questions Answered


Sports have a way of making the players feel relaxed as well as tensed out. It has this same effect on those watching it with a certain expectation. However, the level of excitement depends on the type of sport being watched. For instance, paintball is very popular among the men for many reasons. One of them is that it requires some level of toughness as well as a macho attitude. Most guys just love it when they can hook up with their friends and engage in some manly activities.

Choosing the right mask

Still, on the paintball sports, the players need to be thoroughly equipped. As the name suggests, it involves paint, and it doesn’t come slowly. Your mask needs to be efficiently designed to accommodate all the vital factors. You may want to research on the paintball masks widely before getting them. Since this is a game that guys love to play, most of them prefer buying rather than renting.

The size

When buying a paintball mask, this has got to be among the most vital features to be keenly looked into. It would be bad enough to have to run around or roll on the ground with an oversized or tiny mask on your head. It is good to try it on first before buying it just to be sure that it fits perfectly. Though most guys get it wrong during the first attempts, they eventually get it right.


A properly ventilated paintball mask is vital. It is almost impossible to play with one that doesn’t have the slightest idea of ventilation. Imagine moving around especially on a hot day playing with your mates. The worst part of this scenario has to be that there is no form of ventilation on your mask. Wearing such a mask for hours on end can have some rather risky effects on your health. All the more reason to look into this factor before making your purchase.

Ease of maintenance

The game doesn’t end when you take off your mask, it continues. After taking off your paintball mask, you have to figure out when and how to have it all cleaned up. When picking up a paintball mask at a store, consider the maintenance practices involved. It might not be easy especially because you might let the excitement get the best of you. For example, according to the paintball Dojo Mask Guide, a dual pane is said to be much easier to clean than you think.

paintball helmet

You might want to focus more on this factor. Comfort is paramount for every player on the field. This is especially so in a game of toughness such as this one. Since your face and ears are involved, it is imperative that you look into the theme of comfort. When rolling on the ground, your ears are sensitive and require utmost comfort and protection. At the same time, don’t get too comfortable lest you miss important comments and warnings from your teammates. It is possible to have the comfort as well as improved hearing even when the game is at its peak.…