How to Print Photos Using Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are used in making unique artwork productions and photos. Small businesses, photographers, and artists use these canvas prints to create the breath of fresh air. These prints are executed on premium canvas. They are practical for making detail-packed digital artworks or hi-resolution photo enlargements.
They are available in different sizes including the popular 36”x 48”, 24”x 36” and 8”x 10”.

It is also possible to print overprint canvas such as 40”x 60”. The different sizes of these canvases have made them a practical option for small and large artwork. You can either print many canvases in one order or a single one. This can give you the flexibility of creating reproductions or a single piece of art. The following are the essential tips that can help you in creating superb canvas prints.

Printing Old Photos


Photos that are old should be retouched on photo editing programs to give them the best look. Printing the old photos is the best way of repairing old photos and enlarging them to the required sizes. It is also helpful in getting rid of unsightly over/underexposure.

Using High-Quality Images

Photos selected for canvass print should have a high resolution. Such images can help you in preventing the lessening of image quality when the photo is enlarged.

Choosing the Right Shape of Canvas

The shape of the canvas selected depends on the subject’s positioning. It is therefore imperative to select an appropriate shape of canvas that fits the subject. A rectangular canvas can help you in displaying your subject. Extra-long or long canvas shape should be chosen for panoramic or landscape photos.

Consider the Colour Scheme

beautiful canvas

For financial and practical reasons, you should make sure that the prints chosen matches with the existing room’s decor. This will prevent you from changing the furniture or decor to match the new canvas print. The paint for their friends or family should look good on the wall.

Where Are You Going to Hang it?

Get to know where your canvas will be hanged before ordering it. Avoid ordering large prints if you don’t have adequate space. If you are giving it to your friend as a gift, then you should take note of the available space in his/her house. Remember that some of your friends might be hanging a lot of pictures in their houses. If they are renting, then you should ask them if their landlords have some restrictions around hammering nails or drilling holes into walls.