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Reasons For Using a Dog Crate

dog lying in a crate

Dog crates are beneficial to pet owners as well as the dogs. The crate can initially seem a little strange or unkind with its cage-like appearance, but they are actually a useful tool for the dog. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a dog crate.

Calm Retreat

Over time, the crate can become a part of your dog’s everyday life. If you keep the box in a quiet place and leave its door open always, it can be soothing space for your dog to retreat to when necessary. If you treat it like a little room, they can seek it out when stressed tired of afraid.

Injury or Sickness

For a dog that is injured or sick, the comfort, security and calm inside the crate may be soothing. Although dogs know they are in pain, they do not always understand that some actions can cause further injury or harm especially after surgery or when recovering from major accidents. Being able to confine a sick dog in the crate will give you some peace of mind, knowing they cannot get sick all over the house or agitate a wound with rough play. Crating a heavily medicated dog also prevent it from inadvertently hurting themselves.


Dogs do not usually do well traveling in moving cars. Besides, it is dangerous to have a dog roam around the car while you are driving. If you need your dog to stay relaxed and calm while you drive, a crate provides a safer and comfortable way for the dog to travel. They are also suitable for alternative modes of travel like planes. Ensure, however, that the crate is large enough for the dog to be comfortable.

Behavior Modification

Do not use time in the crate as a punishment technique; otherwise, your dog will have negative associations with the box and resist or fuss crate time. If you put the dog in when it knows you are upset or angry, it will think of the crate as a something to avoid. Using praise and calmly, you, however, can use the box to remove your dog when its behavior is unacceptable or keep it out of the way for a while.


Whether the crate is with you and your dog on a trip, at home or being used while staying elsewhere, it will provide a safe and secure place to confine your dog when necessary. You may not be comfortable having the dog roam around unsupervised while you are away. The crate allows you the security of knowing your dog is fine. It will also allow the dog to know it has a safe, familiar spot to be when you are not around.

A dog box is an excellent tool for responsible pet ownership which gives you additional options in caring for your dog. You need to invest in one to reap these benefits.…

Why You Need a Weighted Dog Vest for Your Pet

dog with vest 23

People keep best for various reasons. It could be because you just love being around them or they might be helping you in some way. Did you know that some pets can help kid suffering from autism? Pet do help in many ways, and that is one reason most people love them. You need to take good care of them at all times. See to it that they maintain a healthy weight and keep them safe.

Reasons to buy a weighted dog vestdog with vest 23

Weighted dog vests are essential accessories for most homeowners. They help you with keeping the pet healthy, make them feel safe and work on their behavior. Weighted dog vests are not only good for a four-legged best friends, but they also benefit the pet owner in many ways. That said, this article takes a closer look at what you stand to gain from having a weighted dog vest.

They help calm an overactive dog

Some dogs are naturally overactive. As such, it can be moderately challenging to control the dog, especially when going with it for a walk. If you own such a pet, you might be looking for a practical way of dealing with hyperactivity. Buying a weighted dog vest can help you make your dog calmer than before thanks to the extra weight in these vests.

Good for exercise

A weighted dog vest can help you exercise your best friend. If your dog loves moving around and playing, having a weighted vest is an excellent way to make them burn those extra calories when running. Thus, if you own a dog that is overweight, you do not have to reduce the portion sizes served to it but instead buy a weighted dog vest. Moreover, the extra weight will help it build its muscle strength.

Calm dogs with anxiety

weighted vest 12Some dog species tend to be somewhat nervous. This makes them move up and down especially when their anxiety levels are high. Having some extra weight can help them become calmer and relaxed in situations where they normally tend to be anxious. Ideally, the extra weight on the vest tends to tire them in a way and makes calmer.

Having a weighted dog vest comes with many gains. You need to have these vests if you need to make your pet calm and healthy. The best thing to do is to get a quality dog weight vest foryour dog. Ensure it is comfortable, washable, durable and not too heavy for your four-legged best friend.…

Why your cat needs an automatic litter box

Litter box

Our furry friends the cat’s are perhaps the most behaved and thoughtful pets when it comes to going for a number two. These pets have millions of years of evolution built into them, and they use their intelligence to hide their poop, mostly to keep other apex predators off of their trail. By domesticating them, we somehow interference with their natural environment and have to account for that by providing a litter box. This allows them to comfortably do their business.

Automated litter box offer so much more compared to traditional one. In this article, we look at some of the reasons as to why you should get your kitty that litterbox.

Advantages of automated cat litter box

Maintenance free

The price of domesticating the cat is that we have to provide thecatm with a littering environment and after it is full, we have to clean it for them, a very clear indication whose boss. To make this relationship balanced a little bit comes in the automated litter box for cats. It allows the cat to do its business and then takes care of the rest. The little bit that humans have to do is to empty the box once in a while. If you ask us, we think this is the best it will ever get.

Smell free

Despite the fact that our little furry friends have come a long way in making their junk, domesticating them makes them a little relaxed on the rules of the jungle. With the luxury that domestication brings, some cats don’t take the act of hiding the poop seriously, and after some time, the smell catches on and becomes very noticeable, especially to their human owners. The advantage of an automated litter box is that it is odor free, no matter what the kitty ate. How they do this can be viewed as sorcery but very welcome none the less.


Although we can not monetarily quantify the process of acting as the secondary cleaning crew of the cat’s business; we are quite sure it is expensive in one way or another. The automated litter kit relieved some of this duties from us and given how cheap they are; it is safe to say that they are affordable in the long run. Just make sure to do some research so as to find the best brand for your cat.

Remember, a happy cat is a peaceful home.…