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The Mosquito was invented in Wales several years ago. Since then, Moving Sound Technologies has been marketing and selling the Mosquito throughout North America. Many cities, municipalities, school districts, and parks boards use the Mosquito to combat vandalism

The patented Mosquito is a small speaker that produces a high frequency sound much like the buzzing of the insect it's named after. This high frequency can be heard by young people 13 to 25 years old.

The latest version of the Mosquito is called the MK4 Multi-Age. It has two different settings one for teenagers 13 - 25 years and one setting for all ages. When it is set to 17KHz the Mosquito can only be heard by teenagers approximately 13 to 25 years of age. When set to 8 KHz the Mosquito can be heard by all ages.

How does the Mosquito work?

  • The mosquito requires a power supply in order to operate. A transformer will allow you to plug it into an outlet. Or you can get an electrician to hardwire it into existing outdoor electrical. The Mosquito can work with a timer, motion sensor or remote control.

  • It starts working within a few minutes after setting it up. There is an auto cut-off feature at 20 minutes and there are 4 types of volume selection options. For specific applications, additional chips can be provided for continuous use.

  • For the youth setting the frequency comes out of the speaker in a 60 degree arc and can reach 80 to 130 feet depending on the volume setting.

What is the MUSIC Mosquito?

  • The Music Mosquito is a complete music system that will relay Royalty free Classical or Chill-out music that would keep the teenagers away to some extent. A stereo system can be used to amplify the music but it cannot be used outdoors as the speakers are not weatherproof. Though playing music in public places require licenses to be obtained from Performing Rights Society, for Music Mosquito no licenses are required as the music broadcast is the sole property of Compound Security Systems Ltd and the best part is that you can play music all round the year without paying any fee.

  • Music Mosquito has a strong steel body and can work with a remote control for on and off. Selection of 10 levels of volume is available apart from the 20 minute auto cutoff, which can be replaced by a chipset for continuous use for specific applications. Launched in the year 2008, it is popular among clients who prefer to use music as one of the strategies to deal with anti social behavior!

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    Published on Jun 10, 2013 One of the most magical things about Google Glass is its ability to get you the answers you want almost instantly. As soon as you think of something you want to search, all you need to do is ask. Simply long press the touch pad with one finger and say your query. It's the easiest and fastest way to get the answers you want, when you want them.

Will the new iPhone have a fingerprint sensor? Experts say it will be for the home button and not for making payments.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Will the new iPhone have a fingerprint sensor? Experts say it will be for the home button and not for making payments.


Sticky fingered bandits beware: The latest iPhone may be designed with a fingerprint sensor.

A folder labeled "Biometric Kit" was discovered in the coding for Apple's upcoming iPhone and iPad software. Its content references iPhone users pressing their thumbs to their device.

The mysterious folder was discovered during developer beta testing for iOS 7 just after its release to developers Monday.iphone 5s colors
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Google introduces $35 device that streams video to your TV Chromecast SAN FRANCISCO (CNN) — Google has a simple and inexpensive new way to stream Internet videos on your TV. The company on Wednesday 07/23/13 introduced Chromecast, a small device that lets you stream content to your television over a WI-Fi network, using your computer, phone or tablet as a remote control. The company said its goal is to create a device with zero setup time, no learning curve, and one that works with all platforms and devices. The $35 Chromecast is a radically different approach to TV than Google’s previous failed attempt, the Nexus Q. It’s smaller, cheaper and available starting today. The two-inch dongle looks like a thumb drive and pops into the HDMI port on an HDTV. It turns your phone, tablet or computer into a remote. Choose what content you’d like to stream and the Chromecast will play it on a nearby TV. It supports both Android and iOS devices. At Wednesday’s press event, Google demonstrated the device using a Windows laptop and an iPhone. Chromecast is streaming directly from your Wi-Fi connection, so it’s not draining your device’s battery. That also means you can multi-task, checking e-mail on your computer, tablet or phone while a custom YouTube playlist broadcasts on your TV. The device currently only streams content from YouTube, Google Play and Netflix, though more apps, such as Pandora, are expected in the future. A beta feature lets you stream any tab directly from a Chrome browser running on one of your non-TV devices. With Chromecast, Google is seeking a foothold in a small but growing field. Only 15% of households have figured out how to watch online video on their TV sets, according to Google. The device goes head-to-head with existing Internet-on-TV solutions like Apple TV or the Roku box. The Chromecast stick is on sale now in the Google Play store and at electronics retailers such as Best Buy, although it may not ship immediately. A purchase of Chromecast includes three months of free Netflix streaming.



In an effort to improve the hygiene habits of guys, a designer has put together a urinal with a built-in sink.

That’s right.

You stand and take care of your business – and wash your hands at the same time.

Of course, the distraction of washing your hands could very well cause you to miss your mark and create more of a mess than anyone wants.

Would This New Urinal Design Make Men Wash Their Hands?
Would This New Urinal Design Make Men Wash Their Hands?


Samsung could introduce an extra-large Android tablet in the second half of the year, according to ETNews (translate).

New rumors indicate that Samsung will release a 12.2-inch version of the Galaxy Note-like experience in the coming months.

According to the Korean Web site's "industry sources," the Samsung tablet will feature a 2,560x1,600-pixel display and come with an S-Pen stylus. While there's no outright mention of a name, we could assume it'll be part of the Note line.

As for smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to arrive in early fall, so it stands to reason that Samsung could debut a larger, 12.2-inch model at the same time.

As I see it, one likely scenario is that Samsung hosts another Unpacked event to coincide with IFA in early September.



Heading for the great outdoors this summer? There’s a new sleeping bag on the market that can charge cell phones! It’s called the Recharge Sleeping Bag, and it can provide up to 24 minutes of talk time or 11 hours of standby time from eight hours of sleep – by turning the occupant’s body heat into electricity. The new sleeping bag makes its world debut at music festivals nationwide this summer. (Outside Magazine)

Music festival attendees this summer will get to try out a new way of charging their smartphones: a sleeping bag that turns body heat into electricity while its user snoozes. Developed in conjunction with the University of Southampton, the Recharge sleeping bag can provide up to 24 minutes of talk time or 11 hours of standby time from eight hours of sleep.

On Vodaphone's blog, Professor Stephen Beeby of the university's Electronics and Computer Science Department explained how the device works:

"Basically, we’re printing down pairs of what are called ‘thermocouples’,” he explains. “You print lots of those down and connect them up to make a thermoelectric module. “One side of that is cold and the other is hot, and when you get a flow of heat through it you can create a voltage and a current. Voltage and current together equals electrical power.”

Vodaphone will test the device at several music festivals this summer, including Bonnaroo and the Isle of Wight Festival.


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